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Contact Us:

Sidney and Marjorie Vincent
+44 (0)1437 764415 
- up to 9.00pm GMT
The Barn, Denant Mill, 
Dreenhill, Haverfordwest,
Pembrokeshire, Wales, 
SA62 3TS, UK




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Neem Oil

This neem oil is cold pressed, and it comes in 50ml and 100ml bottles.  We have encouraged people to follow our example, by putting a drop of pure neem oil on the toothbrush, and topping it with toothpaste. You need to persevere to get used to the taste of neem oil, but the results are well worth the effort. This is part of good oral hygiene, and is particularly good for those with gum problems.

Neem Oil is very versatile, and is good for treating most external fungal problems. It is also used on animals.

Neem oil must not be taken internally, and is not suitable as a massage oil.  

Hello Sidney 

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the result of toothpaste, oil and mouth wash.  Cleaning my teeth is no long a dreaded daily chore as I do not have the pain I used to have once toothpaste and water hit my mouth.  My teeth have never been cleaner or whiter and my gums are an awful lot better, the receding seems to be closing.  Apart from a loose tooth everything is fine.  Cleaning 3-4 times a day. 

Still getting used to the taste!!!  The last neem toothpaste I had was a minty one. 

Thank you so much for wonderful products, I can’t believe I am almost pain free. 

Take care


 13 August 2005



Pure cold pressed Neem Oil.  

Price : 50ml Pure Neem Oil

£6.95 (p&p included in price to within the UK only) Please use the button below

US$14.50 (p&p included in price worldwide) Please use the button below

€9.85 (p&p included in price to within the EU countries only) Please use the button below


100ml Pure Neem Oil

(includes postage to within the UK only)

USD22.30 (includes postage to the USA and worldwide)

€15.10 (Includes postage to within the EU only)

 Neem Bark Powder

We have introduced Organic Neem Bark Powder as an alternative to toothpaste, or as an adjunct.

Dip you toothbrush in the powder and put toothpaste over it.

Sold in 50g (e) jars.

GBP5.95 (Includes p&p to the UK only)

6.45 (Includes postage to within the EU only)

USD10.50 (Includes postage to the USA and worldwide)



 Just to let you know that I received my order of  Neem Oil today and to say thank you for your prompt and efficient service.
It was a miracle, that, by chance I managed to listen the other day to the coverage of Neem on the BBC Radio - I  emigrated to the UK  at 17 and lost all about Neem until this prog ...this brought back distant memories of my childhood ( I am now 63! ) when my mother would bath me in  a Neem solution to cure most ills - particularly a high fever with almost instant cure. I now have some minor skin problems which conventional medicines have no effect and I am confident that Neem would succeed ...I will keep you posted.
Though from Guyana, South America, I am of the  Brahmin caste from India -but don't speak a word of Hindi or anything else apart from English .... maybe one day I shall try and find my roots ...and a Neem tree to sit under!!
Bill Misir . ... 'Banyan' 10 De Brionne Heights, Okehampton, EX20 1WG - April 2006


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Neem Oil

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Neem Bark Powder


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